Sunday, November 25, 2007

Together Stocks Rise, Dividend They Yield!

One of my most favorite subjects in the world is making money passively. Because you just do something one time and it pays on a consistent basis. The epitome of passive income I would say would be income stocks which pays dividends. Income stocks works a little different than your every day growth( which is well known form stocks which appreciate at a constant basis adding more to your net worth) and Then you have income stocks which pay annually,quarterly,or monthly depending on he corporate contract.Growth stocks ,after turning a profit usually reinvest the profit in itself usually buying equipment or things that qualify as assets.While dividend stocks divide profits among shareholders which allow the individual to get a certain amount per share the restricted contract paying period. Income stocks usually appreciate at a slower income but I would say it creates a consistent source of income.Some people well invested in these stocks sometimes take home 6 figure checks because they invested in dividend stocks so long.The strategy I propose today is try to incorporate a few dividend socks in you in your portfolio so you could avoid counting on he stocks o appreciate and make money whatever happens.


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