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The real way to make money online is Affialiate marketing!

One of the best avenues of generating vast amounts of income is making money from an online business. Like stocks and other investment do work overtime but usually to get best results from investing ,You are are going to need a lot of money.The Internet allows you create a massive amount of income within 1/7 of the time it takes you to make money in a traditional business. So you could make enough income in little over a year it ,that would take you take to make in ten years using a traditional business structure. Like I know you are thinking of selling products (e-commerce)online to be only valid source of cash but this is far from the truth. There are numerous ways of making money online But today I am going to shed some light on one of the most powerful ways which is affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate marketing? Well affiliate marketing is selling or referring someone else to a certain product. Meaning you are like a sales force for a particular company selling their products and earning commissions on those particular products. So as a internet entrepreneur you don't have to create your own product just be a marketer.Affiliate marketing can be really hard in its begging phases, but I am going give a way to help you earn commissions quicker.

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Getting started with affiliate marketing requires a site( which can be a e-commerence site) ,blog, forum, sales page or ppc campaign. A free tool I recommend is Google blogger it is blogging platform that is hosted by Google that is easy to use and allows you to post ads. Create a domain name that is somewhat symbolic with products that you want to offer on your site example;selling shoes would be www. These keywords in your title will allow your site to be more visible the to Google. Also I think Google blogs are indexed by the Google search engine quicker. To make your blog more search engine friendly I recommend this software"seo elite".

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Now, since you have created a blog and it is very search engine friendly you will need some affiliate companies. The companies that sport the best affiliate program so far is clickbank and commission junction which are affiliate networks(which means each one of them a various amount of affiliates .So once you sign up to commission junction and clickbank(Which I highly recommend signing up for both) you want to pick out which affiliate programs that are what your niche(certain classification) is about and products that support them.This is real imperative if you aren't using a ppc campaign(a campaign that allows you to get individuals to come to your site by clicking an ad), you should start off with cpl affiliates( affiliates that pay you for having a person submit personal info),cpc affiliates ( affiliates that pay every time you direct someone to an affiliate site by clicking on ad or text link) and make sure if you go with cpc or cpl affiliate programs that they also have a cpa ( click per sale or action) part,this isn't necessary but it will increase your commissions potential by ten fold.

Because when i first started off I only used cpa ads which had offered me no commissions at all ,a site in its beginning phases usually has very little traffic .Cpa ads are good once you build authority but I sill recommend cpl ads because people can fill out information for free. I know a 19 year old he owns a site called uber affiliate and he made $200, 000.00 a month from cpl affiliates. See when I first heard and saw his check I didn't need anything else to convince me that cpl ads were the best.Here are some trend secrets ; best cpl companies are ring tones, loan companies companies and banks.

Now you need traffic, high quality traffic that is. So places to target to get traffic for your site/blog would be forums and other blogs built around your niche. Make sure each forum or blog you visit is highly trafficked, which you can tell by amount of posts and alexa ranking.Create a signature for your profile and post as much as you can in the forum ( but be sure to obey the forum guidelines or else you may get banned) , also make sure you don't spam forums or blogs meaning leaving a link without any valid information that has some sort of value. Also make sure your blog has good content so people would actually want to read it .

One more technique I learned that people are prone to click on links as oppose to banners. So here is how you get the highest amount of conversions. All your blog post should have pics, and you should place affiliate links in your content that are relevant to the subject material. Also throw in couple of banners just to add color ( some people might want to click the banners).With this much you should be on your way too making a massive amount affiliate income. Be sure to pick companies with high payouts so you could get more buck for your words.

P.s.Her are some info products I highly recommend,Blogging to bank (allow you monetize your blog), and super affilate handbook (a book that all the pros use).
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Internet Marketing Joy said...

I agree with you. There are lots of affiliate marketers that have really earned a lot because of referring products, etc. It's also an easy way to earn because you just need a small starting capital or in some cases no capital at all. Just a little patience and lot of hardwork.

alanj878 said...

affiliate markets one of the hardest and best money makers out there sometimes you can make more as an affiliate instead of owning your own program

pizzatherapy said...

Allen this is a great post about affiliate marketing.
you did a good job of explaining the concept in a clear, concise manner.

You did a great service for anyone wanting to get into Internet Marketing. You also gave good information for anyone who is already involved in Affiliate Marketing. Great contnet.
Albert Grande

adrin said...

Thanks for sharing those useful and timely information. Those are very useful tips in internet marketing.

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Aditya said...

Earning money online never been this easy and transparent. You would find great tips on how to make that dream amount every month.
So go ahead and click here for more details and open floodgates to your online income.
All the best.

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