Sunday, January 13, 2008

LIfe Insurance is a must for an average person!

"Always prepare for the unsuspected" that is something my mother always said , since you really can never predict the future of what is going to happen. Like I told you before retirement is one of the things you need to prepare for and another thing you would need is life insurance. Life insurance is one of the most valuable assets you can have as a middle or below middle class American. I had to learn this the hard way, I seen some many of my family died yet we didn't have enough money to bury them so a lot of the expenses came out of our pockets. This can be a hassle for anyone especially if the person who is paying doesn't have $5,000 dollars for a casket.

So what can life insurance do for you? Well that is simple it can be used as a supplemental income for someone who passed away in your household and if the person doesn't live with you it can be a nice lumpof cash to get to for a present for a close relative that has passed away. Shopping for life insurance can be hassle too sometimes. Instead of going all around looking for the best company on your own, a company called Advantage Quotes does it for you. Advantage quotes can save you up to 70% on insurance products which they compare the best companies out there for people like you and me. Also Advantage Quotes does all this for free and any questions you have to be answered you call 1-888-664-6694 and they will tell you what would be the best insurance right for you. So since I am not an expert in the insurance field, put yourself in the hands of a company like Advantage Quotes.


informurself said...

I used to work in the Insurance business and articles like this are needed to help educate the 98% of people that are under insured. It's amazing that who have to push people in to getting life insurance but you when they have no problem buying cable. Crazy.

alanj878 said...

I agree to more people need o know the importance of life insurance and how it can make a big difference in our lives

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