Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Buffet is Citigroup worth the money?

Citigroup has had a bad year almost down 40% beginning of this year shares were above$ 52 and now it is below $35. Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet seems to think it is great Idea to purchase the stock at its price. relinquishing shares in railroad and array of other company s to purchase even more shares.This is the basic strategy of an investor to buy low and sell high.But most people miss the boat trying to make short gains on rising stocks. Real money is usally made on falling stocks by using to techniques buying a strong successful company that is just having problems but it has the means to come back on top, If not that you probably can short the stock which is an option trading technique which you make money on the falling stock by borrowing money from the brokerage company and selling the contract before expiration but the contract has to be available.These are true techniques the pros use and make sure you know your company before investing into it.


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