Saturday, November 24, 2007

Home Based business a foundation for Wealth

If you see yourself as an a work- a- holic working as much as 70hrs a week and earning only enough to cover bills and having to live off credit cards, you are in deed in need of some extra income. A home based business can be your answer to your lack of money fever. Why a home based business you may ask? I will reply it provides versatile hours(meaning you work when you want too),tax benefits, A source of income that can one day surpass your primary income and Socialization.
To begin with,It provides a versatile schedule which can coexist with alternate form of income.
So, technically you can never be late for your business. Since you make your hours wages become useless and in term you get paid for productivity. Meaning you can earn less than you are making or substantially more.
Next, I have a lot of different business partners that entered home based business to gain tax benefits.Imagine making $100,000 a year and giving 25% of that of the top to Uncle Sam back.Which means you worked for free, for 3 months. So, the great advantage of having a home based business is that it operates under a form of business structure called a sole proprietorship. This entitles the government to tax you at the very end of the year on what you have left after minusing tax deductions. So, for the person earning a 100k, he could easily be saving 20k in taxes just by having home based business. The neat part is home based business could be earning less than he saved from taxes.
It is a source of income that may surpass your job income one day.Meaning their are people who operate online businesses and make six figure incomes monthly.That is more than majority of Americans earn annually. Also, A home business can allow you to meet a large array of people hat may share that same business concepts you have and you can meet people from all over the world without being a part of some big company.So,all in all if you are not listed in Forbes 400 richest people in the USA I believe you should start a home business.


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