Monday, November 19, 2007

Money to start with?

Wow ,it seems you want to start a business but lack the funds to start it. Generally, you heard work on your job, save your money, so when you are older you may be able to purchase a business.This usually coming from people who only have seen successful old people(like mommy and daddy).Sadly to say this way does work, but it takes a long time to see results. Here are some approaches for people who have to get money like yesterday for there ideas or business. What I call it or what everyone else in the financial area call it is raising venture capital. Venture capital is building foundation of every business and the reason that 95%of business fail their first year because they lack personal capital. Usually this is underestimated of how much money it would take to run your business excluding highly improbable events (which are called black swans).Back on topic how can you obtain sufficient capital? First way make sure you have an business plan that project all expenses or cost for your business (at least 3 yrs),state your idea,product or service making sure you are proficient in what ever you do, and make sure you have projected your annual profits meaning ,know how much you are likely going to make. After that, finish and polishing up your business plan, making sure it is appealing to investors.Investors usually fall under these categories which are the following; family,friends,loaners,angels(rich people who are looking to help new entrepreneurs) and banks. Only go with family and friends if you have bad credit and that may be the only option,if not have them at least co-sign for a loan. Loaning institutions and banks that is the way to go because you will keep relationships intact but make sure you come with an extensive business plan.Angels are good to because usually these people are giving money out as good deeds so I highly recommend them.


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