Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Passive Income?

What is passive income ?you may or may not have heard what this is ,but you are an internet marketer like me then you should be fully aware what passive income is. Passive Income by definition is earning income while not being actively involved in work or activity but yet yields some sort of income. Passive Income has been taught by a lot financial gurus or marketers as means of earning financial freedom.Now Financial freedom is being in control of your time and money or not being constrain by neither.It is hard to be financially free by working on job exchanging time for money. So what are some ways of obtaining passive income you may want to know. Here all the ways I know of earning passive income on continually basis.

First, network marketing this is an excellent way of earning passive income but usual network marketing is for people who are generally connectors. Meaning that connectors are people who have incorporated others in formal ventures and So to be real good in network marketing it would be preferable for the marketers to have previous success record. Though Network marketing sounds like a pyramid scheme it allows you to tap in an endless supply of people by just knowing an handful of quality people legally.I would recommend network marketing to people who know a lot of people ,but don't make a lot of money.

Next, A Infoprenuer is basically an individual who supply's an information based product such as writing books,cds,software and or promotional dvds to a source of people.Infoprenueing present itself as an ultimate way of leverage which is when you get most from doing the least. Just by writing one book you can make a lifetime fortune that can pay consistently pay you in income streams for the rest of your functional life usually when you are a Infoprenuer you have to have give out good content to have your product grow virally to make a descent stream of passive income.

Also, another passive income generator is licensing a product . Licensing a product is en you get paid over and over again just from somebody incorporating a thought or invention you came up with. A great example of licensing is the company of Walt Disney which have thousands of poeple who come up with ideas but lack funds ,so the licensees introduce their ideas to Disney which after telling Disney the idea is manufactured and the poeple are paid on a certain percentage the company makes per item sold.

Internet Marketing is also a great source of passive income because the internet would allow you to make passive income from your website even when are doing something else or sleeping.

You Can't forget about real estate and opening an automated business.some automate business are laundromats, camping grounds, paid parking lots, storage space ,post box rental or any business you have build up to appoint your business doesn't need you around for it the business to operate.these are the most traditional forms of passive income.In these businesses you have to have more patience than people in the other passive income vehicles


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