Thursday, November 22, 2007

What does it take to be number one?

The U.S economy is rapidly going under, but will bounce back. I think yes because America has some of the wealthiest and the most powerful individuals on the planet. I think when the $1.75 is Equivalent to one euro this affluent group of the elite will congregate and brainstorm some way to pump billions of excess dollar into the U.s economy. Even Knowing that I still believe america should still keep an eye on India and China. India and China has had a boom in natural material such as steel,iron ore,and zinc so these raw material has greatly increased the GDP these countries. Also, real Estate Development has been great in these countries because If you like at both of their top forty richest people you will see a large portion of the people own real estate companies.So, my tip of the day is invest in real estate especially foreign because the growth development of these countries are going to send the real estate appreciation to the roof. Give me your op ions of what may happen to U.S Economy?


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