Wednesday, December 5, 2007

100% Failure Free Secret Investment Strategies!(that actually work)

Inflation in the United States has home after home devastated by its wake. The only cure for inflation for the single person is to generate more income than they once previously had. You probably thinking easy said than done. Well be prepared to eat those words because you are about o learn an investment strategy less than 5% of the United States are aware of and about less than 10 % of that 5% use correctly.This wealth strategy has been around since 40's and became legal on1979.

The strategy itself has many names but I am only going to use one of them which is called network marketing.Let me rectify what i said early it is 100% failure free but people fail at it because they forget one thing about it,it is a powerful tax heaven. Network Marketing has had many bad labels because of ignorance of how can the average person can make positive returns with barely doing anything.Network marketing falls under the franchise code of business ownership meaning you get every tax benefit that your friendly Macdonald's get except you would a tremendously smaller overhead.

So by just purchasing a mere 100 and some dollars of product and mentioning it to a few people that might have a use for the product , gets your income tax refund check bigger.Lets say you work and make $40,000 a year,that means you will fall into the 25% income tax bracket paying $10,000.Now you have a network marketing business it costs you $1,500 a a year annually( a regular franchise might be paying that a week).Now you can write off the car mileage,gas,electricity,internet and phone are a 100%,allowances which count as salaries paid,insurance,dinner,trips,and having business in your home and your deductibles came up to $10,000. Subtract $10,000 from $40,000 and you will have $30,000 net income which qualifies your for the 15% tax bracket which means you will be taxed by $4,500 giving you back $5,500 more on your income tax statement.The amount you made is $4,000 that is 267% of increase on investment just by mentioning your business to a few people.That is higher return than any investment I know of and also if you are making money in your network marketing company you qualify for seph Ira. This gives you a high contribution rate which is $40,00 a year.So don't throw away money that would make a major difference in your housegold.
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