Monday, December 3, 2007

Buffett A Billionaire who collects Junk ?

A Buffet strategy strikes again but this time it is worth a excess of 2.1 billion dollars. That is an hefty investment surely not to many people can match that. Since I mention 2.1 billion dollars you might be thinking what fool would be willing to put that much up. Me on the other hand would say that guys a genius. The story The second richest man in the world Warren Buffet has just purchased 2.1 billion dollars in junk bonds under the company TXU. This is an utility company that makes its home in the longhorn sate of Texas.

You might think the name Junk bonds are just what they sound like junk. let us keep it mind Warren Buffet made more money than other investor in history. With a track record like that you should give this strategy a second glance. Since Junk bonds usually have an higher yield than their brothers and plus this is the only junk bond Warren Buffet i interested in. Also imagine this his stock started this year at $103,000 a share and now it increased by $40,000. So this is my opion I should model Warren Buffet.


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