Thursday, December 27, 2007

When animals attack stocks?

Rising bulls and falling bears the Dow Index is starting to have the qualities of an animal zoo but with stocks. Reaching all time highs for the early part of this week too terribly descend an incredible 192.08 points at the end of 12/27. What drives these massive changes to the national indexes. My guess is about as good as yours which is speculation. Some say the sub prime lending crisis and other state the national debt of 48 trillion dollars which is more than all the other nations combined. All these are reasonable answers except for their negligence in one area people emotions are really the stirring wheel which no one knows which it is steering

The volatility of the stock market also had a few good qualities for stock traders that is. These continual shifts in our capitalistic economy usually doesn't present any problem for Long term investors. Because of their 5-10 year goals, which doesn't depend on today or tomorrow.Except traders are looking to make a quick an easy buck today.hid Probably can happen from the options side of things like buying puts and stop orders since you guys are here to make moneyconsider long term investing(I am not saying stay away from trading ,Iam not saying keep all your money inthese for of sercurites ,just about 80% .So all in all don't let the stock market volatility keep you from making good long term investments investments


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