Monday, January 7, 2008

2 blogging experts that will change the blogsphere forever!

Hello since this blog is about making money in general I am going to talk about some new commers to the blogsphere that are just going for the top. The first young man here is Blogger noob he is fresh new look in the blogsphere with some great content. His blog has been around only a couple of months a probably has made him close to $2500 already with almost no prior experience. He is not like those season veterans who made millions of dollars in other internet marketing avenues and used that to make their blog popular. He did his homework and implemented it, and his blog is a journal of how is doing as far as making money online.

The next blog is Jean Costa he is a college Junior that 21 years old and his goal is buy a bmw, solely from his internet earnings by the end of this year. He also gave me a tip about a video submitter that submits streaming video to multiple video sites absolutely free. The name of this nifty invention is called tubemogul which is somewhat similar to traffic geyser except it is absolutely free. You can find both of these internet upcoming superstars on entrecard which they both are in the top tier of their specific categories. So go and visit these blogs and I can almost guarntee if you implement what these guy are teaching you would definitely make money online.


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