Tuesday, January 29, 2008

7 things to do to achieve the unachieveable!

1. You have to have a dream bigger than yourself.This always proves to be the foundation of anyone out there who wants to be financially free. A dream bigger than yourself? It means that you must not only must you put yourself in the financial equation of life, but add your family,friends, and people that actually need help.Example of this is , would be if you don't want a million dollars make the million dollars anyway and give out the rest of the money to those less fortunate.

2 Devise a sound plan that just cannot be achieved by any normal means.success is not normal so you need to get there abnormally. So after you dream have an exact plan that plans out how you are going to get want you want.Please make sure it is something you want to do.

3. Put in Overtime. This means that you want to put in more than you put in for a job, So if you wanted to start a business on the side don't treat it like a part time job. Because if you do, you will get part-time income. You heard of the saying," you get what you put in ",so if you put in a little bit,trust me you will get the exact same back.A lot of people want results in different business endeavors but lack the will to put in time.Let me say if you put a lot of time to a specific task everyday like 12hrs a month . I think you should be more successful than the guy who puts in a hour for same period time.

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4. Let the time you put in be productive. Productive time is concentrating on things that you are good at and outsources the rest.Like if you have a business and you are not good in accountant and you try to do it ,that time is not productive.Outsource task to people who are far better than , it might be expensive but in the long run the price will be worth it.

5. Dare to be different. if you be like the crowd please expect you will be like the crowd. That quote is saying that if everyone you know is broke and you listen to their advice it is a very good chance you are going to be broke just like them. Everyone who is usually highly successful was seen as an eccentric person , mainly because they seen what everyone else was doing and made sure that they would not do that and you know being crazy is seen as not being normal. Yet look at those successful individuals now.

6. Fail your way to success. The average entrepreneur who is successful usually failed 17 times before finding that one thing that would make them successful.Take for instance Thomas Edison who failed thousands of times before he invented the light bulb( that was actually a mistake) and what he had to say to all this was he learned a thousands ways of not do something right.

7. Be a network not a person. Robert Kioysaki said, "poor people go to work while the rich build networks". The reason of your failure is that you try to be an army with one soldier.one mind is limited by its own perception but a group can see the world. meaning the more like minded people you have around you, the more solutions to a problem you will have.

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