Monday, January 14, 2008

Gold protection for the week dollar?

If you have been watching the news and reading different business part of the paper you should be aware that the U.S. dollar is wasting away with America being 49 trillion dollars in debt. The stock market is plummeting ever making dollar much more weaker. So many people around United States have been looking for an alternative investment other than dollar and stocks.The Investor answer to this is buying gold. Gold has almost triple in value since 2003 being around $350 to the present price breaking $900 in value. So the dollar seems to be having an inverse effect on the price increasing the price of gold as it go down in value.

What this means to you as an investor? Well simply buying gold right know can be safer than putting money in the bank and regular USA stock since those investment are centered around the dollar. I would recommend don't buy gold from the local pawn shop and keep it in your house . You should probably buy gold online from a place that would keep your investment safe and secure. A good place online that is like this is Bullion Vault .Bullion Vault has locations in Switzerland (The country with swiss bank accounts),New York, and London, can you say international. So you should stay diversified and still have an etf but also I believe liquid cash such as money should be used to buy gold so you can be protected against inflation and make a pretty penny too.


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