Monday, January 21, 2008

Why making money on the Internet will save America!

All the seemingly popular buzz in the news these days, is will America face another recession or something relative to the Great Depression in the 1930's. I am here to dispute why it is impossible for America to every go through a recession of this magnitude. The only way America could be in that predicament is if America had some global scale war which America had absolutely no choice in the matter. Well in the financial arena it is most unlikely even if the stock market( which has no true correlation to the GDP of America) crashed and burned. The driving force of this anti-recession America is something we guys know as the Internet. Surely America didn't have an Internet in the 1930's and if America did, trust me it would have never been in a depression or at least to that level. There are four reason why the Internet can save America and the reason are the following; The average American can make money from home through the Internet,It diminishes sales tax immensely,It Lowers possible income taxes for most Americans, and The Internet allows the America citizens to do business with so many nations in the world without them leaving America. Blue Shine Full Banner 468 x 60

To begin with the Internet allows Americans to make money from a home based business. Meaning when big Corporation start eliminating employees and jobs become hard to find the only place will be the Internet or an Mlm organization to make extra money. Like for example, last year America got hit really hard by a declining bear market( bear Market is when the stock market is dropping), even though stock price were diminishing daily, online sales were ever increasing. So If everybody in America is making some sort of money being employed by a major corporation is not important.It has been said by Warren Buffet (the world's 3rd richest man and best investor) that America is not in trouble until our unemployment percentage is high( so if everyone is making money online there is no worry for unemployment).

Next, it diminishes sales tax since most online retailers use shipping handling. So Americans can save big in the sales tax game. Since a lot of Americans will be operating a home based business from the Internet most likely a lot of shopping for e-books, and tangible items will put America's all time Internet collective revenue at a all time high. Having so many items purchased via the Internet that means a lot of sales tax is negated . Trust me on some levels sale tax exceeds shipping and handling. Meaning more money in most American pockets and resulting in GDP levels that match our all time economic highs.

Another , reason that the Internet is going save so many Americans money is that internet allows Americans to save big in the income tax game. Income tax is probably the highest expense of all expenses which can garnish some household incomes as much as 40%.Since working on the internet can be classified as a home based business you will get a 1099 instead of the casual W-2 form. Well you are probably right now are asking what does that all mean ? Operating a business and making money from home allows Uncle Sam to tax you on how much money you have left instead of taking his money off the top. Since all business expenses such as gas,vehicle depreciation,traveling,business meals,homes and insurances are tax deductible. With this principle in play Americans can experience a raise of income as much as 25%( Of course if they have had achieved the income they were previously making at work).

Finally the Internet put Americans on a equal playing field with the everyone else in the world. Meaning we don't make money from America only but from every nation in the whole world. A good book that explains this concept is Thomas Freidman's The World is Flat .It tells how massive communication has shrunk the distance of travel so as a Americans we can make more money without time playing a major factor. Also we are doing business we so many countries our economy has no other choice except to bloom from all the money America will be making.

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In summary money made from the internet could solve America's plight of a declining economy. Also the internet has unlimited potential for all jobs that may be outsourced or relinquished since everyone on the Internet can be his or her own boss which they could earn as much money as their heart desires.

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Sara said...

I agree that earning income online can make a huge impact on the quality of life for many average Americans, Canadians - anyone across the globe with internet access can participate. Great post topic!

alanj878 said...

Yup I wie=sh more people seen it like you if so the world would be a better place

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