Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why Vista is still on top!

Like about a year ago when Window Vista hit the marketplace, the perception of it was that Vista would be the Ultimate Operating System. So shortly after coming out , people were familiar with Vista's poor interface and neglected backward interface. Linux a company that has an open source operating system geared to computer savvy individuals was once seen as a company that could topple the Microsoft Operating System Empire but sadly to say Linux is still far way from doing do so. Vista might be seen as a crappy piece of hardware but it stills bring in an massive amount of income to the Microsoft.

Microsoft in the last three months has risen its profits by 24.8% just by the revenue generated by Window Vista. Bill Gates seems to have every retailer brainwashed into buying Vista OS. Since Dell and Wal-Mart swear by Windows ,the market share to other Operating systems is almost meaningless .Even the new Leopard Osx is nowhere near Vista even though increasing Apples revenue by a little over 7%.So even though Microsoft had some sloping market periods, Vista has performed flawless as an marketable OS that produces enormous profits. So by hearing the performance records of Vista, I would think Microsoft would be a great addition to your portfolio since Vista has taken over the world or the computer.


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