Saturday, February 2, 2008

12 powerful trading principles!

My blog has usually been centered around long term investing but I know that trading is a way to make some of the quickest cash returns in the investment game. So I found this video On Youtube. It is an excellent video about trading
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minicatrader said...

Financial betting, i.e. trading on price movements rather than buying underlying stocks and shares is a much simpler, modern way to trade if you are interested in making market investments. You can take long or short term views and companies that offer this service often do not charge trading commissions and they let you trade with small amounts of cash. The money you make is also treated as gaming winnings so in many countries there are no trading taxes to pay. One company that offers this type of trading is gnuTrade ( Unfortunately, however, if you live in the USA, real money trading is not on offer because the US legal position on financial betting is unclear.

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