Monday, November 26, 2007

Absolutely, the only 10 Investments you will ever need!

It is no secret,that today some of the wealthiest people in the world have money working for them. Some of their investment strategies are undisclosed secrets.In the this article I am going to dispel these secrets absolutely free of charge.

1).Timber is one of the most reliable commodities out there Yielding more than 12% annually and some pay out dividends.

2).H.I.R.A.s these are dividend yielding stocks that hospitals give to share holders because respectably they receive large government grants so they give some of it back to the shareholders.

3).Tax Liens these are liens past on people who don't pay their property tax. You gain these at an auction an you can receive payment spiraling up to 36% or even receive a house back on your return.

4). Purchasing a website mainly from sitepoint sometimes people are selling websites that make your investment back in the first 3 months.I think this is the highest form of leverage out there.

5).Invest in Google ,since you don't realize Google has no inventory or no product. Meaning they created an industry at which they cannot fail. Since every year there are more and more companies which mean more and more advertisement which they have branded the internet advertisement industry. So as long as we reproduce googgle is in the positive.

6) Invest in prosper this is an innovative personal loan site that allows you give loans out to people and you can pick people who would return your investment back at variable amounts of return sometimes going as high as 30%.

7).Using ad words for anything that sells like affiliate programs,referral programs,drop shipping and e-commerence.

8)Get an home based business , I believe everyone in the United States needs a home based business.Why? because it allows working stiffs like you and me to save a lot of income from taxes and you have a chance to earn as much as you want.

9). ETF's people I can't stress this one enough. These are mutual funds that saves you 90% on charges with nifty tax benefits.

10).Old faithful Real Estate you can save so much from tax benefits and intenational this one of the hottest thing out especially in China! wink wink


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