Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tax free is the way to be!!! he he he....

While living in America sometimes the general population a typically places certain states quo symbol on people which is the more they make the richer they are. Right now I am going to an alleviate any authoritative presence this lie has on society. Some poeple make millions a year typically corporate executives but pay 35% of it back to Uncle Sam. That translates into he worked 3 too 4 months of his life for nothing.

So, my theory is the more money you keep the richer you are. One thing I can't emphasize enough is getting a home based business, because if you go to any accountant that is well inversed into his practice he will tell you that the best tax sheleter is a home based business for common man.Once you start urning profit you can higher some employees,or recruit people into your business and incorporate which kinda reduces your liability and you gain a fixed 15% or lower tax bracket. Now with the profit you invest into real estate and now just sick back and collect monthly payments from tenants assuming you have some and that money you get is ttax free except for a minor property tax


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