Monday, December 31, 2007

A basket of 5 relutionary post of 2007!

Well a new year is coming up and see every blog out in the blogsphere has a top 10 list of their most popular post. Since this blog has only been around a month from today 's date,so I am going only to name the top 5 posts.Well I forgot So far on my blog i have only really focus on stock related paraphernalia,But since 2008 is a new year I am going to focus on all money making ideas.Well let me stop, and name my top or most popular post of 2007 for Lively Money.

5.)$99 A barrel are you out of your mind?
This post was when oil escalated almost to the $100 and pretty much at the time of this post alternative fuel sources such as ethanol looked pretty good.

4.)Tax free real estate
Here in this post i gave you a brand new real estate strategy that could save you thousands of tax free dollars through capital gain taxes on selling real estate.

3.)Mutual funds a thing of the past?
Here i killed the thought of purchasing mutual funds as an primary security fund and brought to light etfs. Etfs are funds that are similar to mutual funds but has numerous benefits.

2.The mac and Pc rap and Iphone heading overseas?
This was a news breaking story of the Iphone finally making its way to Japan and I also added the Pc and Mac rap video to this post,which was so funny I fell out my seat laughing.

drum roll please and the number one post of 2007 is ...................................

1.)The top 5 ghetto stock tips?
This one was a masterpiece it was on the front page of digg in its first day and over 30,000 people all over he internet could not get enough of it so watch it for yourself.


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