Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The mac and Pc rap and Iphone heading overseas

The apple iphone due to popular demand is heading to Japan to promote its international distribution plan. Steve Jobbs Apple Ceo is has put a plan to cell 10 million Iphone before the end of 2008. Like everyone in the world knows the countries that usually have the higher quality of cell phones are Japan and the Korea's. Some people think Apple stocks Have reached a plateau of growth but I am here to tell everyone it is still plenty of room to grow. The Iphone is not just a mere rend it shows the innovation of a great company.Since the Iphone has debut in early June of 2007 i has sold 1.4 million and still is progressing even though has a hefty price tag.

I also think by putting Iphone in Japan would be a great a market strategy that could amass the company to hit a new in the first quartet of 2008. So guys definetly keep Apple in your portfolio because the Iphone has took over he world. and here is little parody video about the PC or Mac I love these these things


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