Friday, December 21, 2007

Social media Sites may put money in your Pocket?

One of the most powerful segments now in the investing communities is something called social media sites.Many people call this trend web 2.0 which is something that has taken the internet by storm. A lot companies such as Google, Microsoft and Aol time warner have been acquiring these nifty sites. These site usually operate on a user base created content meaning that these sites are really search engine friendly.At the moment these sites are the most saturated sites other than search engines. You may heard of some like Facebook for instance be appraised for 15 billion dollars and recently a site called digg was initial being offered for 300 million dollars.These social media sites are in top ranks for Google page rank Like a lot analyst are thinking that social media sites are going to fade away similar to the .com revolution. I think they will be around for a long time because people usually never get tired of interacting with other people with similar interest. I am usually a conservative investor in certain things but i think sites like these would make exquisite addition to any investors portfolio. So, keep your eyes open and with these sites go public on the stock market be prepared to buy thier stock of course with a fund.


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