Sunday, December 23, 2007

Why Facebook is better than myspace?

Social media site facebook is one of he fastest growing website on the net being worth nearly 15 billion dollars fathom that. Right now facebook is ranked number 7 on he Alexa ranking site of all website. Facebook was started by a young Harvard Student named Mark Zuckerberg who is 23 years old. Mark Zuckerberg has recently made over 150 million dollars from an array investors who wanted to own a piece of facebook. So far Mark Zuckerberg share of the facebook is appraised at 5 billion but remember guys his not liquid cash this like stock appraisal. Thier our social network sites out there like hi5,myspce, and orkut. But it seems like facebook is the only news worthy at the moment.

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Even though Myspace is the largest Social Network out there Facebook seems to more valuable to more investors. Also lately since Myspace has became this spam paradise for all scam artist across the globe. It is not the Us growth that fueling this company popularity it is international growth now having over 50 million loyal users and 100,000 people joining the facebook community every single day. The thing I really like about Facebook are the applications it somewhat reminds me of the Firefox interface. having hundreds of tools for about anything that you can on the normal internet. So I guess that is the goal , which ever social network embodies the wal -mart theory , be everything to everybody wins the social network race. Right now Face book is untouchable interface having thousands to do then myspace. So when Facebook hits the stock market don't miss the next Google and disclaimer don't put your life savings in it too.
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