Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Record year for Goldman Sachs! Check the stocks

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The talk of wall street this year is Goldman Sachs the world largest holder of security and how it faired to sub prime lending crisis. Their stock rose to an promising $7.01 in amongst the sub prime lending crisis and totally beating their last year results by$.42 can you say amazing. Not only that the company revenue soared 14% smashing all records the company had .You probably are asking yourself as an investor what do that mean for me. Well big big profits on a consistent level. Goldman Sachs has surpassed all banking organizations for the year 2007.How did they get this successful you say ,well they had high performance sellers to off load the real estate they had in their pool off setting 33% losses in write downs. In regular English they got rid of real estate that they had because of the falling market and made a nifty profit. So I will highly recommend that Goldman Sachs would would be a perfect addition to your portfolio.


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