Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Hello readers ,well you know of the soaring or fluctuating prices in energy and I know you remember the post I posted about oil when it hit an astonishing $99 on the stock market.So many analyst were in dismay and felt that oil would go to over and beyond $100 and after all that oil bounced back under $95 hmmmm. So guys I am here to tell you oil may be scarce natural resource with a limited supply ,but it will be around for a little bit longer so get used to it. Yet ,I still believe you should have renewable energy sources such as Solar,Ethanol and wind in your portfolio. According to The new business world blog he said" according to congress renewable energy will account for 25% of the United States energy" meaning that your portfolio should feature and equal distribution of income in all areas of energy.

Even though I said oil will be around for around awhile the other energy sources are gaining ground at an phenomenal rate. True investors don't speculate about making money they just prepare for all instances.What I am trying to say is have a commodity part of your portfolio with different types of energy.


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