Monday, December 24, 2007

Last minute stock stocking stuffer

Well today is Christmas Eve, everyone rejoice well what kind of gift did you buy the people close you? You bought them a cheap wallet that is made from nylon are you made. Like how are you going o buy someone a wallet to put money in it if they don't have money? well I have the solution for you ,by that someone special a collection of diversified stocks like an etf.
That right you want o give a person a gift hat keeps on giving not something that falls apart immediately.

I think the perfect place o pick up this nifty gift would be at sharebuilder that easiest website to do investing and also the cheapest. So if you really care about a person and I know you do, please invest in their future not some junk.

P.S. for some of you guest who dont know what a etf is look at some of my earlier post to know this investment tool that out performs mutual funds


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