Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 is claimed to be the year of a Recession!

I know you guys like me are tired of hearing that the United States might be headed toward a recession. The problem that presents itself here is that America is one of the biggest consumers as far as spending money on stuff in the world. That means if we go into a recession now it would have an domino affect on thousands of countries that solely depend on the United States for exportation. The only country I think would probably be safe is China ,since they are kind of self supported at the moment. The cause of this recession I think was inflation in the area of the real estate market since, everyone was getting into real estate to make fast returns.

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If too many people are investing into one particular market it usually rise the prices since people sell by scarcity of products. The way you could prevent inflation is to drive the population to diversify their income or spending into different regions leaving a balanced market. Recession is just an imbalance in the a certain economy usually by over indulgence. So what I am I suggesting ? i am just suggesting you to do is not ride a trend but to diversify your income for an healthier economy.


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