Sunday, January 20, 2008

500 Entrecredits Now the Ultimate Competion!

This is the biggest contest I every hosted so far I am giving away 500 entrecredits . Sounds to good to be true and not only That i am giving way additional 200 entrecredits to the runner up. You are wondering what this contest is well I am hoping some people have learned a little from my blog. So this is what you have to compete in the competition first subscribe to my rss feed, Next write a post on your blog about this contest and money making strategy you have found useful from my blog ( Of course linking back to my blog, and final step make sure you leave a comment on my blog saying you have competed step 1 and step 2. I am grading content in your post and make sure you tell everyone about this competition because if more 70 people compete I am going to increase the bounty to 1500 entrecredits. That sounds good dont it. And Also I want to congratulate a blogger who is the publisher of Linkfog he won our last contest.
P.S. The contest ends Feburary 8th,2008


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