Saturday, January 19, 2008

How to make fast Money Online!

On this blog I have always stressed the importance of long term investing, since you are looking to make money on consistent basis. Today I am going mention a way of making money online that is quick and easy and allow you to have some capital to use for investing. The method I am going to talk about today is using other people's products to sell. This can be done numerous ways but the two most accepted method is affiliate store creating and drop shipping. Both methods done right can create a quick passive income stream that will open multiple avenues to invest in different things.

To begin with affiliate store creation is an inventory free money making machine. Affiliate store creation is basically this, you earn a percentage of what a product is selling for on someone else site. A popular affiliate store that is preassemble is Amazon's astore. Amazon astore has all the website creation stuff done for you , and all you have to do is pick out your products from Amzon's large section of products to display on your site. The only thing you really have to do is promote the astore by using pay per click campaigns such as adwords.

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Next is dropshipping products is one of the oldest and most popular ways of generating cash on on the internet. What makes dropshipping different than affiliate store creation is that the seller can control the prices of products as long it accommodates the dropshiping company's prices. Meaning the dropshipping company sells a product at $75.00 plus sh&h , you can sell it above the price mention, like for $80 ,$100 0r anything your heart desires and whatever the difference from $75 is your remaining profit. One of the best drop shipping companies in the business is Saleshoo. Saleshoo offer one of the biggest and most useful selection of products I have ever seen from a dropshipping company. Also price wise Saleshoo beats the competition hands down. You will also need a website designer to make your site appealing to visitors. A good website hosting company that which would allow future expansions. The lively hood of your website would be how you accept payments. A very good company that supports credit card payments is Merchant Accounts. Merchant Accounts allow you to accept of variety of credit cards which are not limited to visa. Also Merchant Accounts provide excellent customer service.After you put your site together promote your dropshipping company with a ppc program (I said this again because it is easiest way for promotion).

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To me both of these examples are inexpensive ways of making money online that provides almost no effort on you side of the equation. Since most of the tasks I mention can be outsource and past to someone else. I hope you just don't only read the information here I hope you apply it so one day you can create a dynamic stream of passive income


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