Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Portugual tourism is enconmical and it has great attractions!

Portugal is a major European toursist destination attracting over 12.8 million tourists. Annually. Tourism is playing an increasingly important role in Portugal's economy contributing with about 5% of the the Gross Domestic Product.1. The largest 5 sources for tourists is : United Kingdom 21.8% 2. Spain 19.0% 3. Germany 12.3% 4. France 7.0% 5. Italy 5.2% Cheaperthanhotels – Portugal caters for visitors from all of these major markets with its last minute and year round hotel reservation websites, translated into all of these languages. Check out these pages as samples :Portugal Hotels : Lisbon Hotels ; Algarve Hotels ; Madeira Hotels areThe popular tourist places to go .In Portugal are Lisbon, the Algarve and Madeira, but is currently new destinations are developing : Douro Valley, Porto Santo Island, and Alentejo.

Portugal has many tourism regional areas that are being rapidly developed such as Douro Sul, Templários, Dão-Lafões, Costa do Sol, Costa Azul, Planície Dourada, etc. But as yet many of them are unknown to tourists and locals alike. These are the traditional regions: Costa Verde — The Portuguese green coast comprises all the northern coast of Portugal from the estuary of the Minho River to the city of Porto. Costa da Prata — Silver coast. The coast of central Portugal from Porto to Lisbon. Costa de Lisboa — Lisbon coast. The coast of the capital city and its important suburbs. Montanhas — Mountainous and interior regions of northern and central Portugal, namely Serra da Estrela and Trás-os-Montes. Planícies — The Portuguese plane region of Alentejo in the south. Algarve — The southern coast of Portugal. Madeira — The Madeira islands. Açores — The Azores islands.


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