Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Recession secret riches!Make money in stocks and real estate.

It has to my attention that the Dow is getting further and further away for 13,000 mark. Citigroup is just getting trashed especially lately with a another 10 billion dollars in write downs. What could be driving this fiasco ? Well that is easy ,Consumer spending ! Basically after emerging from the Holiday season people have put a lock on their finances. This will have an inverse affect on the economy since when people spend less the more prices go up. Also someone is making a lot of money in the background getting rich from the receding economy.

How you might ask ? Well that can be numerous reasons since free enterprise consist of infinite possibilities. In a volatile market like this one we are in you have to go against the analyst predictions since everyone else is doing the total opposite. I am not telling you try everything out there I am just telling you invest in something you believe in. Remember something you believe in tends to be the best investment. Also in the real estate part of the market you can make out like a bandit buying tax liens write now . Also I think California has some hot places like forr example San Jose Real Estate,Los Angeles Real estate and Sacramento Real Estate. These are places that people think are to expensive but are great buys. So if you want know more ways to keep income in your pocket subscribe to my rss feed and be amazed
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KellyBA said...

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However, you have to be very careful, as you don't know which companies you can trust. My company is a small,family-owned business in business for about 30 years now. They have 64K acres of experience; over 21K satisfied investors; part of the Better Business Bureau; in the green on Dunn and Bradstreet and zero consumer related lawsuits. They acquire the land first, taking the first mover risk. The land is acquired using a very conservative 10 key checklist. If one is missing within a 3 mile ring, the land is not considered. After building equity, they parcel it out to investors. My company then keeps you apprised of all updates and, in the end when you receive offers on your land, negotiates on your behalf with consolidators and developers to ensure you get the highest and best price for your parcel.

This company is truly amazing. Please take a moment to check out my blog and for more info. It's an incredibly simple way to financial freedom.

Again, great blog!

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