Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Making Memories!

I know this blog is making money blog but sometimes I like to get off topic a bit. Money is very much important in our lives but we need to know why we are making money for? A lot of people usually like to say they want to make a lot of money, but don't have any clue what for? Well I am here to say that what can make you get the money is staying focus on the results of what the money can do for you. A good tool would be a dream book. This is like an album type thing that you list all the things you want to have. A good place to pick up your supplies from would be Canadian Scrapbook Supplies. These are Scrapbook supplies from Canada that are top quality as I can see and before this I didn't even expect to see a niche store selling scraping book supplies from Canada. Well in this dream book it should have pictures of things you wish to obtain in the future. Like put pictures of exotic cars, big houses or anything your heart might desire to have in the future in this book.

This is not some hocus pocus crap that you may suspect. By looking at the things you desire the most will create a psychological dependency on what you see. This means in your mind you will have to have your desire and creating will to succeed without failure. A dream book is not a guaranteed success maker but it is a powerful tool that helps a lot of individuals on the road to success. So create a dream book now!
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