Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A T-shirt is a way t be sucessful?

I am starting to see many bloggers give out custom t shirts for their blog contests all over the net. The very first person I saw doing this was Shoe Money which, he does every week. So I am thinking to become a top blogger you must design your own t- shirt and give them out to different people on the web. When I say design your own t shirt I don't mean literally make your own t shirt, I mean have some one make one for you to pass on. All the people I have seen thus far (who have a mildly successful blog or site) have some sort of custom t shirt giveaway. So a secret strategy of making money online is to give away t shirts. That sounds so funny but well anyway keep it mind because it can boost a blogs traffic significantly ( which means profit )because people are attracted to free stuff.
P.S. A great place to purchase these would be t shirt monster.
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