Saturday, February 16, 2008

Reverse your Retirement with income!

You must always be prepared for all situations at all times and that is why retirement is so important. Many people neglect the idea that one day, their body will be old and lack the vitality to work. Even beyond that many people put their hope in social sercurity which is really not guaranteed since it was created on the idea that one day people are going to die before 65. Why before 65? well that is obvious, social sercurity was created in the early 1900's, where a lot Americans would be lucky to every hit the age of 65. Now the average life expectancy floats around the age of 85 and with that data I feel obligated to help people get as much money to be prepare for retirement.

Today I am going to talk about new strategy of semi investing that will help you prepare for retirement. The first requirement is you must have an house for this strategy to work. this concept exists because most Americans even at the age of 62 don't have their mortgage paid of. Like at one of the Wal-marts I go to it has this lady who works at Wal-Mart is paying $2,000 a month for her condominium. A way to end your mortgage payments is called a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage is something like a grant which is offered to 62 years old homeowners that reverses a mortgage or can put money additionally in their pocket on monthly basis. Best state for this would be probably be California since the houses their are pretty much a killer. Califoronia reverse mortgages would probably help a lot Americans avoid the sub prime lending crisis since California has such a big population. A company that provides ca reverse mortgage is Ameritek Morage Inc. This was one the first company I heard did reverse mortgages and the site has a free mortgage calculator and quote estimates. Oh , I forget their is one stipulation in a reverse mortage and that is you must live in the house you are using for the deal. To me it sounds like free money for senior citizens. Also the only requirements are ; you have to be 62 ,live in the house, and have some type of loan. So to everyone out there don't fret about retirement and house mortgages get a reverse mortgage.

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