Monday, February 18, 2008

7 Guranteed Ways of Making 50 Bucks a Month Online!

I know a lot people who want to make a large amount money online fast, easy and purchase e-books showing a method you can make $4,767 in 3 days with doing almost nothing but I am going to be realistic. To be successful online you will need to have money and resources to work for you. Also most people look to make big figures when they first start off dong business online. I know you have to start off small first, before you can take big steps. So, A good figure to shoot for would be like trying to make 5o bucks a month. To you that may not sound like a lot of money but if you multiply your efforts by 100 fold, it can turn into 500o dollars a month meaning enough money to be financially free. So ,in this post I am going to give you 7 methods of making 5o bucks online a month.You can incorporate all these methods to make more than 50 dollars too but I would say master one before going to the other.

Method (1) Sign up at ebay and make money online selling info or downloadable products. Here is how you do it, first become a member of ebay by signing up so you can be a seller. Then before selling search ebay for info products or other downloadable products.Look for info products that are top sellers and have resale rights.You can check the items performance by checking the the number next to the seller name on the sellers page. Click on that number which is called feedback score. Check to see how many of a specific items have been sold in one month basis .next if the item sells more than ten items a month purchase it. Repeat this until you have about five products ,and then your purchases into a two info product bundle deal. Mke sure this is cheaper than the sellers who is selling the one e-book, and with these products you can multiple combinations of info products bundles. Also make sure you have about 50 listings before you can claim any results. Here is an e-book called ebay powersellers this book gives great advice about buy and making money form ebay in 90 days.

Method (2) Open a Ebay store and wait for the money to come pouring in. This is relatively easy and only cost about $15.99 a month to operate. Unlike the regular ebay auction, you can sell more than one product at one place. Also you can sell all your products with a buy now stickers which will allow you to have a fixed price, without worrying about under bidding and time. Plus your items at the Ebay store never expire which can come in handy since this will allow you from refreshing items which in my opinion waste a lot of time.

Method(3) Place affiliate links in forum signatures. So next thing You should do is sign up for a forum that falls under things that you are passionate or about internet marketing. Two forum I use to market affiliate links in my signature is Black hat world and Digital point. Both of these forums allow affiliate links in your signature. Just make sure you don't spam the forums, ask only good question and give out a lot of info with value. And if you don't know what a affiliate company look at one my earlier post that tells about affiliate marketing is. Some great affiliate network companies I recommend is never blue ads, Pepper jam, Commission junction, and clickbank. Sign up for every affiliate network you hear about to find out which companies have better products that suit you since it cost nothing to sign up and hopefully have a website or blog before signing up.Also make sure you can like post a 1000 comments a month which adds up to little less than forty replies a day which can add to less than 5 pages of typing. This combined with valuable info will get people coming in the groves to sign up for different products or offer. Make sure these are offers that sound good to you.

Method (4) Use Google adwords to sell affiliate products or e bay store products. You might have to pay for traffic or people coming to buy your products but it is worth it in the long run . Since you can run a Google adwords campaign and get targeted results of people who will likely buy your stuff. I see using Google adwords as exchanging a dollar bill for a ten dollar bill. This would be a great e-book to help learn about Google adwords camign.

Method (5) Buying ad space on highly trafficked sites using your product or an affiliate product links.First find a site that gets about 1000-10,000 unique visitors a day ( remember anything less will be a wasted effort) ask the webmaster can you buy any available ad space like in the form of a text link or even a banner of an affiliate. Make sure the site owner doesn't charge you more than a couple of hundred of dollars a month. Also make sure the traffic on webmaster's site is targeted, meaning relevant to the product you are selling . You can do this by asking the webmaster to place a site tracking device like site super tracker ( which is a tracking software that tells you all the patterns of visitors like their clicking positions ,where they come from and what pages are they spending the most time on)on his or her website and see if the keywords or links visitors are coming from have some thing to do with the content of the site. If yes place your affiliate link in a highly visible area , using anchor text which is text relevant to the product and use an affiliate link clocker (so no one knows it is an affiliate link since experience internet surfers tend not to click on affiliate links) I dont use them except on specific landing pages.

Method (6) Create a blog and add content to it everyday for at least 3 months of time . Make sure you write about a topic you enjoy talking about so people would actually. You can get a blog for free from Google Blogger. Why do you need to keep this up for at least 3 months? 3 months is the minimum amount of time you need to get paid for blogging thru paid for blogging sites. The name of some of these sites names are Payperpost ,Smorty, Review me ,Sponsored Reviews and Blogvertise to name a few. Make sure you sign up for all the paid for blogging programs . Each on of those paid blogging programs pay generally more than 50 dollars a month if you except all the jobs and some programs pay almost $1,ooo a month. All free to sign up and blogging to the bank 2.0 is an e-book that teaches numreous ways of making money blogging

Method(7) Use Text Link ads on your blog to generate income. A good company for this would TLA. They find advertisers for your blog immediately, they some times take a big cut of the profits but you heard of you need to spend money to make money. Sometimes with a company like this you can have 20 advertisers on your blog paying you $1o dollars a month. May not sound like a glorious amount but multiply that by 20 times and you have 200 bucks. Another good company is called adtoll which pay relatively good for advertisement space.

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Rezon said...

Just a quick FYI, Payperpost recently changed their rules and they're now accepting blogs that are 30 days old.

Anonymous said...

My advice would be to try all of the above if you're new to blogging. You need to get a feel for how things work regardless of income.

I have several sites that are non blog related and will never make less than that even if I intentionaly tried to sabotage them. They're established and get free traffic because they are also spam free (and paid link free).

If you spend some time promoting and some time improving SEO and more time testing out other affiliates, that sad face will become quite happy fast!

Admin said...

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softech said...

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