Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trends are where the money is at!

Oh my god this one of the best videos, I have ever found. This is a video from world class Internet Marketer Mike Filsaime( according to his butterfly manuscript interview he makes around $400k a month without launches).This is definitely a short video but it gets right to the point. It demonstrates why a lot internet marketers are not doing so good because they lack to follow trends.In my words this means internet marketers tend to not compare data , see why things are the way they are , and what they can do to improve sells. Which data can be collected easily by a tool called super tracker (Which is like the best tracking software out and to me the 30 dollar investment is nowhere near how much you can make from the increase amount of conversions in your sells). So watch this short and sweet video and leave me some feedback telling me what you think of it.

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