Sunday, December 23, 2007

What are the lies about money?

One of the most temporal mental subjects these days are where to invest your hard earned money. A lot of time people seek a financial adviser for this task but sometimes the investor still is put in the same predicament of making little or no return on investment. So I am recommending a book Today called the Lies about money By Ric Edelman. Ric Edelman is a world class investor ranked number 2 out of 100 best independent investor tells you how to truly invest money with little risk and expense. The Lies about Money is a sequel from his hit book truth about money.You know how I am always ranting about etfs and how they out perform mutual funds well particularly I was aware of this subject by listening to Ric Edelman podcast show which the book has everything you want to know about etfs ,like how etfs save you money because etfs expenses are much lower than mutual funds and etfs have big tax advantages.

Also he talks about the shady game in the mutual fund industry like brokers over charging for their services and brokers having investors invest in investment that the broker him or herself hasn't invested in. He doesn't only talk about stock related investment but numerous areas of asset allocation such as real estate, saving plans,retirement,college planning, and insurance. I would say this is one of the fundamental books any beginner or established investor will need


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